About Us

EarthCo is an environmentally conscious cleaning company that is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and providing affordable cleaning services that are safe to children, pets and the chemically sensitive.

To ensure our customers receive the highest possible service, all   EarthCo  technicians are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) certified. The IICRC serve as an independent, non-profit certification body that set and promote standards within the cleaning and restoration industry.

The IICRC ensure that consumers know that when they hire IICRC certified technicians or firms, they have hired experts who will ensure that services will be completed in accordance with the Industry's highest standards.

EarthCo promotes the use of labelling programs that are recognized by governing bodies that seek to insure the safety, authenticity and effectiveness of the cleaning products and equipment we use.

Cleaning Without Harming Our Planet

EarthCo uses plant based cleaning solutions that are free of surfactants that put unnecessary stress on our waterways. Instead, they contain naturally occurring minerals that when disposed of are fully biodegradable . These select ingredients not only return to the environment in their basic form, there are also sufficient reserves throughout the world making it a beneficial and sustainable resource.

Beware of the other guys

Our Guarantee