Sandless Hardwood Refinishing

EarthCo 's Sandless Hardwood Refinishing involves removing the top layer of existing varnish which contain the majority of scuffs and scratches. After the sealer has been removed, a thorough deep cleaning of the hardwood is completed in preparation for the following step of applying the new sealer. Depending on the condition of the existing flooring, we apply 2 to 3 coats of environmentally safe, premium water based sealer. Any deeper scratches that have penetrated the wood can be fixed with a color matching wood filler. Our natural finishes are tough scratch, chemical, and water resistant and surpass the strictest indoor air quality standards with VOC levels below 180g/L (grams per liter).

This process mimics a full traditional sanding but without the inconvenience for our customers to vacate their home for a number of days and does not create any environmental dust or allergens. Our sealer typically dries within 4 hours of completion and is ready for foot traffic within 12 hours after the final coat is applied. The price is typically 1/3 the cost of a full sanding restoration.

Please contact us for a free quote or to can answer any questions you may have about our Sandless process.