Pet Stains & Odour Removal

We Love our pets but unfortunately accidents happen. Spots and stains can be unsightly, but odours caused by pet accidents often require alternative cleaning methods to properly resolve the issue.

Sub Surface Spot Lifter

EarthCo uses a specialty tool that targets deeply embedded stains and odours that can’t be removed with regular carpet and spotting techniques. We use a sub-Surface Spot Lifter called a “WaterClaw” that flushes contaminants from not only the carpet face fibers but deep down into the backing, pad and subfloor. Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems using this technique.

  1. Urine (food spills or liquid waste) often penetrate deep into the under pad and subfloor.
  2. Using our environmentally friendly cleaning solution, we allow the liquid to penetrate the contaminated area.
  3. Using the Water Claw, we extract the cleaning solution along with the pet contamination (step 2 and 3 repeated depending on severity of stain & odour)
  4. The area is fresh and clean, no more offensive odour!

Also effective on:

  • Coloured drinks and soda pop
  • Food spills
  • Oils
  • Human waste (urine, vomit etc)
  • Soapy residues
  • Wicking issues